NAIROBI — Kenya’s dusk-to-dawn curfew was intended to encourage social distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.Instead, security forces unleashed beatings and tear gas, injuring dozens of people, potentially exposing many more to the virus and damaging public trust in the government’s strategy to contain the outbreak.In cities across Kenya, policemen and other uniformed officers used their boots and batons in a brutal crackdown — with some incidents caught on video — seemingly carried out to drive home the seriousness of the curfew measure that took effect Friday.But witnesses and others caught in the clashes describe indiscriminate attacks by security forces and detention tactics that crowded people together in violation of social distancing protocols.In one instance, footage showed dozens of people detained on the ground, practically on top of each other. In other video clips, hundreds of people were corralled into tight spaces as officers approached, weapons brandished. A woman was shoved to the ground by a uniformed man; nearby, another vomited because of the tear gas.Much of the police brutality was not captured on video but recounted by victims and witnesses.Kenya has confirmed 38 cases of covid-19 as of Saturday, though testing has been slow to ramp up,

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