Atop a shaded hill at the edge of São Paulo, the gravedigger thinks he knows the truth. No matter how bad it appears in Brazil — the country hit hardest by the coronavirus in the Southern Hemisphere — the reality is significantly worse.Manoel Norberto Pereira watched another body being wheeled in, accompanied by what has by now become a familiar set of details. Sex: female. Age: 77 years. Cause of death: insufficient respiration.Every day brings more. The cemetery now receives around 50 bodies every day — double the average in normal times. Many are marked as confirmed cases of covid-19, the disease caused by the virus. But many more say only “unidentified respiratory ailment.” To Pereira, they’re the unseen toll of the coronavirus in Brazil, which has officially infected 45,000 people and killed 2,900 — but unofficially many times more than that.Imprecise and insufficient testing is a global problem, but in Brazil, it’s on an entirely different scale. Latin America’s largest country is testing people at a rate far lower than any other nation with at least 40,000 cases. It tests 12 times fewer people than Iran. Thirty-two times fewer than the United States. Hospitalized patients aren’t being tested. Some

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