New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) praised President Trump’s decision to invoke the Defense Production Act to force General Motors to manufacture hospital ventilators for coronavirus patients but declined to join the president in criticizing the company’s turnaround time on the devices.“I applaud the president on his use of the Defense Production Act in his conversation about General Motors,” Cuomo said in a CNN interview Friday evening. “That gives him the muscle of the law to get companies to actually respond to the production of ventilators, which is exactly what we want.”CNN host Erin Burnett asked Cuomo if he believed General Motors was “dragging their feet.”“Dragging their feet suggests a pejorative,” Cuomo said. “When you use the Defense Production Act and you have the law on your side you can basically order a private company to do something, to manufacture a product. It’s an extreme measure no doubt, but this is an extreme time.”He added: “From the president’s point of view, from what he said, General Motors was not delivering the product and not gearing up. And look, if a corporation is dealing with it’s normal time frame that suits them, that is one thing, but here the president

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