The Louisiana Democrat’s desperation caught President Trump’s attention. Three days later, in a video conference call with governors, the president committed to sending ventilators to Louisiana, Edwards announced at a news briefing later that day. The governor publicly thanked Trump — but added that he still didn’t know exactly how many ventilators were coming.Then within hours, at his own news conference, Trump specified the state would be getting 150. That evening, Edwards released a statement with more thanks for the president, packaged with a prod: “While this does not meet our overall need, each ventilator we get in Louisiana helps.”The tale of the 150 ventilators is a snapshot of how Edwards has deftly managed his relationship with Trump. He advocates methodically for his state, highlighting gaps in federal resources, but in a manner that Trump hasn’t interpreted as criticism of his leadership. On television, the U.S. Military Academy graduate and former captain in the 82nd Airborne lacks the witty charisma of New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo or California Gov. Gavin Newsom. At daily news briefings, he relishes weedy statistics and invites experts and even political rivals to share the spotlight.Louisiana was an early coronavirus hotspot, amassing 20,014 cases and

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