MEXICO CITY — The Mexico City government is sending out teams to help the home-bound and the homeless during the shutdown declared to combat the coronavirus, officials said Thursday.Almudena Ocejo, the city’s secretary of social inclusion and welfare, said the program aims to keep people off the streets while allowing them to survive at home.Because the country has tested relatively few people for the virus — only about 16,700 tests have been done so far in a nation of 125 million — the federal government is recommending that people with non-urgent symptoms simply isolate at home.City workers wearing face masks distribute packages of simple medical supplies like a thermometer, disinfectant, face masks and paracetamol to people who have called in to a government hot line reporting symptoms of possible COVID-19 illness.Packages have been delivered so far to about 2,450 people whose symptoms are considered in line with a potential coronavirus infection. Food and monetary support is also made available.The city says 180,000 people have filled out forms on the hot line as possible cases. Of those, 250 reported symptoms serious enough to warrant visits by emergency medical teams, but only six were directly taken to a hospital. The city has

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