A few significant tornadoes are possible, along with very large hail and destructive winds. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a moderate (level 4 out of 5) risk for severe weather across west central Illinois Saturday. (NOAA/SPC) A dangerous severe weather outbreak is likely across parts of the Midwest on Saturday, with tornadoes — a few large and intense — damaging hail, and destructive straight-line winds. Central Illinois is most at risk, but significant storms could develop from eastern Iowa and northeastern Missouri into the Chicago metro area. The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center has taken the somewhat rare step of issuing a moderate risk of severe weather (level 4 out of 5) more than a day in advance, highlighting the potential for a higher-end severe thunderstorm and tornado event. “A significant severe weather outbreak is possible,” wrote the Storm Prediction Center, which also indicated the potential for “giant” hail. A string of rotating supercell thunderstorms is expected to march across Illinois Saturday afternoon, forming amid balmy temperatures in the 70s and an atmospheric powder keg of ample moisture. The imminent storms also raise another concern — whether people should seek refuge in a community shelter at times when

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