WASHINGTON — The Pentagon is already helping combat the coronavirus outbreak in the United States and is considering ways to do more.But the military faces limits. Its health care system is geared more toward handling combat casualties than infectious diseases. And there are logistical and legal concerns about expanding the military’s role in civilian affairs, such as tasking it with enforcing quarantines. Defense officials also want to be careful not to do anything to weaken its ability to defend the nation.A look at the military’s role in the crisis:WHAT THE MILITARY IS DOINGAt the request of the Department of Health and Human Services, the Pentagon has made housing available at four military bases for some passengers taken from the Grand Princess cruise ship, which was hit with a cluster of coronavirus cases. It also has made available housing at other bases for people entering the U.S. at certain civilian airports and needing monitoring.At those bases, the people being given housing are cared for by civilian agencies, not the military.Also, Army scientists are researching and testing vaccines for the coronavirus, in coordination with civilian agencies.The most extensive role for the military thus far is by the National Guard, which is being

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