If 25 percent of borrowers cannot make their mortgage payments because of job loss or other financial disruptions due to the coronavirus, mortgage industry officials say they could need nearly $40 billion in federal help over the next three months and $100 billion over nine months. The industry tried but failed to secure language guaranteeing some mortgage companies access to government loans in the emergency $2.2 trillion economic rescue package passed by the Senate and expected to be voted on by the House Friday.The mortgage industry now has set its sights on grabbing a portion of the $454 billion in loans and loan guarantees allocated by the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve under the legislation. That pot of money is intended to help large companies remain afloat and has fewer strings attached than other portions of the package.Without federal assistance, some mortgage servicers say they could go out of business within a few months, potentially making it more difficult for homeowners to secure mortgage relief as the U.S. economy grinds to a halt to contain the growing pandemic.“A small sliver of that could easily be dedicated to a fund that would provide the liquidity to our servicers, while borrowers

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