One of the hardest hit states in the coronavirus pandemic, New Jersey, may have no choice but to return some of its much-needed federal aid because of heavy restrictions recently imposed by the Trump administration, Gov. Phil Murphy said Thursday.Congress last month authorized $150 billion to help local governments pay down the fast-growing costs of a global health emergency that has already killed tens of thousands of people nationwide. But the money allotted to New Jersey has been so tightly administered by the Treasury Department that Murphy (D) said his state might not be able to use all of it, even though local leaders find themselves in dire financial straits.“I was assured this funding would be able to be used flexibly by states, filling holes we now must deal with,” he said during his daily news conference. “Those assurances apparently were empty.”As a result, Murphy said, the Treasury Department’s policy “renders much of this funding literally unusable.” He predicted that without changes, the state might have to “return a good chunk of it to the federal government.”Murphy’s criticism was the latest public complaint about the Trump administration’s implementation of coronavirus emergency funding programs. The Treasury Department already had to make

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