The order for nearly 100 percent of New York’s workforce to stay home will be painful and costly, the governor said, but it was deemed the only way to prevent the surge of coronavirus patients requiring intensive hospital care from outstripping New York’s capacity to provide ventilators for the worst cases of the covid-19 disease.“These actions will cause disruption. They will cause businesses to close. They will cause employees to stay at home. I understand that. They will cause much unhappiness,” Cuomo said. The governor said that he accepts full responsibility for the decision and that if people are unhappy about it, “Blame me.”Businesses that fail to comply with the order will be fined, although the state is not planning to sanction individuals found in violation, officials said.The move comes as state and local authorities face the prospect of running out of beds in hospital intensive-care units, and also grapple with urgent demand for masks and protective gear for the health-care workers treating coronavirus patients. To try to keep more hospital beds free, the state is urging all hospitals to cancel elective surgeries.“I feel terrified,” said Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, a longtime emergency room nurse and the president of the 40,000-member New

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