ROME — Talk of a 400-bed field hospital in Milan’s fairgrounds. A team of Chinese experts and surplus ventilators arriving on a cargo plane. Doctors Without Borders, usually dispatched to the third world when disasters strike, working triage in Italy’s prosperous north.The coronavirus outbreak tearing through Italy has turned a nation that usually donates medical expertise and equipment abroad into a country in need. Some hospitals in hard-hit Lombardy are at saturation point, unable to admit new patients. Every day is a scramble to find more intensive care beds than the critically ill who need them. There still aren’t enough protective masks to go around.The doctors who tended to the first patients in the north are now sounding the alarm to colleagues in Italy and abroad, warning of what will come and urging them to prepare.“It’s not a wave. It’s a tsunami,” said Dr. Roberto Rona, in charge of intensive care at the Monza hospital. “It’s something that makes you change completely how you run a hospital.”Three weeks ago Friday, Italy’s health care emergency began in the small Lombard town of Codogno. It has since exploded into the biggest source of infections in what is now a worldwide pandemic.Italy’s high

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