The 20th person in the United States to have died of covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus that has become a global pandemic, died on March 8, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.The 40th person to die of covid-19 died four days later, on March 12. The 60th died three days after that. The 80th died the day after that. The 100th died the day after that, on March 17.The 200th died on March 19. The 400th died on March 22 — on Sunday. The 500th died on March 23. The 600th died the next day, Tuesday. So did the 700th. The 800th and 900th died Wednesday. The 1,000th died Thursday.As of writing, the total number of deaths from the coronavirus in the United States is nearing 1,100 — about 5 percent of all cases in the world. As the data suggest, the number is expected to continue to climb.The increased death toll in the United States occurred in parallel with (and obviously contributed to) a surge in the number of coronavirus deaths globally over the past several weeks.That surge is mostly a function of the rapid increase in the death tolls in Italy and Spain. Italy

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