YOKOHAMA, Japan — Family life has been transformed in Japan since the coronavirus first took hold. Here’s how our family — my wife Sarah, our daughter Molly and our dog Ziggy — coped these last two months, the changes and challenges, the disappointments and moments of respite, and finally a glimmer of hope.Jan. 14. Sarah’s twin sister and her wife book their flights from New York to Tokyo for the Olympics this summer. Tickets have been like gold-dust, but we’ve been lucky. Can’t wait.Jan. 15. Japan’s first confirmed case of coronavirus, and it’s in my neighborhood. Japan announces that a Chinese man living in Yokohama has tested positive after returning from Wuhan. We live right on the edge of Asia’s biggest Chinatown: not sure where the man lives exactly, but it’s probably not far away.Jan. 20. The streets of Chinatown are much quieter than they used to be. This is an area packed with restaurants and shops, and usually filled with Japanese visitors. The crowds have vanished.Jan. 26. The route we normally take our dog Ziggy for a walk passes right through Chinatown. Sarah has already started taking him by another route. If I go through Chinatown, I tend to

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