MANILA, Philippines — Thousands of Philippine police, backed by the army and coast guard, started sealing the densely populated capital from most domestic travelers Sunday in one of Southeast Asia’s most drastic containment moves against the coronavirus.Mayors also announced plans to impose a night curfew in Metropolitan Manila, home to more than 12 million people, who have been asked to stay home except for work and urgent errands under monthlong restrictions that took effect Sunday.The measures involved suspending domestic travel by land, air and sea to and from the capital region. Large gatherings like concerts, movies and cockfighting will be prohibited and most government work in executive department offices will be suspended in the metropolis. Suspensions of school classes at all levels were extended by a month.President Rodrigo Duterte announced the “general community quarantine” of the entire metropolis on Thursday. Officials issued guidelines on Saturday after confusion over the drastic moves set off panic buying in supermarkets and prompted many provincial residents to stream out of the metropolis by passenger buses and cars, fearing they would be stranded in the capital.Truckloads of policemen and army troops spread to the peripheries of the metropolis and started to man checkpoints on major

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