Pulling together to fight the spread of covid-19 means staying physically apart from each other. But that doesn’t mean we have to be disconnected. To keep each other company over the next seven weeks, we’ll be leading a discussion of “Wolf Hall,” the first volume of Hilary Mantel’s Thomas Cromwell trilogy, which Eugene is reading for the first time and Alyssa for the umpteeth.Our schedule for making our way through the novel appears below, listed by chapter names rather than page numbers since we know people will read in different mediums and different editions. We’ll post a conversation about the assigned reading every Monday morning, and Alyssa will continue the discussion in the comments section throughout the week. You can bookmark this post for links to the new discussions as they are published, or if you want to jump in at a later date. Stay inside, stay safe, and let’s get reading together.For March 30: The chapters “Across the Narrow Sea,” “Paternity,” “At Austin Friars” and “Visitation”For April 6: The chapter “An Occult History of Britain”For April 13: The chapters “Make or Mar,” “Three Card Trick” and “Entirely Beloved Cromwell”For April 20: The chapters “The Dead Complain of Their Burial”

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