UNITED NATIONS — The head of the world’s largest humanitarian network urged governments Friday to start thinking about tackling the economic damage from the coronavirus with something like the Marshall Plan used by the United States to help countries recover after World War II.Francesco Rocca, president of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which operates in 192 countries, warned of the risk of social unrest, hunger and starvation as a result of the pandemic.“We need to plan together with institutions a social response before it is too late,” he said.Rocca said during a video news conference that the lack of any source of income for millions of people because of lockdowns is “a huge concern for us, both in Western countries as well as in the countries in fragile and protracted crisis.”Without a major economic recovery program, he said, people will abandon their communities if “their only option is hunger and starvation,” which will increase migration.Rocca, who also heads Italy’s Red Cross, said this “should give a wake up a call to the international community.”The Marshall Plan was an American initiative approved in 1948 to help Western Europe recover after the defeat of Nazi Germany. The

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