On Tuesday morning a pipe-smoking resident rolled his motorized wheelchair down one of the compound’s paved, tree-shaded paths. He said he did not believe covid-19 was there, and that restrictions were ”overblown.””They’re having residents not have their meals (together) and gather in large groups. I think it’s already been blown out of proportion,” said the man, who declined to identify himself as he steered toward a crosswalk, adding that he “was heading out.” The man zoomed off to a congested strip of shops, cafes and restaurants in the Seattle suburb.The incident reflects the growing confusion and concern about the response of Seattle-area nursing homes to the pandemic, where the coronavirus has taken root in at least 11 such facilities, as well as the broader implications nationally. Some relatives of nursing home residents have criticized facilities for not taking preventive steps soon enough. Nearly all of the 26 deaths in the state are associated with Life Care Center nursing home here or four other long-term care facilities nearby.Alarmed by the speed with which the virus is tearing through nursing homes, senior-living communities and other places that cater to the elderly, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) issued a proclamation Tuesday, requiring long-term

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