Republican senators running for reelection face a “problem” because they are getting insufficient credit from voters for recent coronavirus pandemic aid packages, a top Republican Senate campaign official said on a private conference call Wednesday.Kevin McLaughlin, executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, added that he sees “some positive signs on the political front” and remains “cautiously optimistic,” but he suggested the GOP will face a difficult landscape if the country does not reopen.“It certainly is going to be really, really tough if we don’t, you know, start to kind of, at least on some level, get some of these places open and get people back to work,” McLaughlin said. “That’s going to be important when the time is right.”Recent polls and fundraising have suggested a strengthened position for key Democratic Senate candidates, a trend that has alarmed some in the GOP. McLaughlin, whose group coordinates with the Republican Senate campaigns, took a more positive view, telling the donors that polling shows the pandemic aid packages approved by the Republican-controlled Senate are very popular, according to a person on the call who relayed the comments on the condition of anonymity to describe a private discussion.But embattled incumbents are not

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