Nearly a third of Americans are under some sort of stay-at-home order as of Monday, as governmental efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus have increasingly constrained day-to-day activity. A poll conducted over the weekend by Monmouth University, though, offered a remarkable bit of context for the new restrictions: Only about half of respondents said that the growing pandemic has had a major impact on their daily lives.Granted, many of the restrictions have only emerged in the past 24 to 48 hours. And granted, 85 percent indicated that they had seen at least some sort of impact, even if only minor. But living in New York, I would have expected to see more people indicating that their lives had been greatly effected.What wasn’t surprising by now was the partisan split. Six in 10 Democrats reported that their lives had been majorly impacted. Only 4 in 10 Republicans agreed.Part of that is a function of where Republicans live. States such as New York, California and Washington have seen the majority of confirmed coronavirus cases and, therefore, the most restrictions. They’re also all heavily blue states.But some component of how partisans view the situation is clearly also a function of their

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