BRUSSELS — The European Union has been thrown into a scientific policy dispute at the height of the coronavirus crisis after the head of its top science panel resigned amid claims of red tape and institutional gridlock while other scientists at the group indicated that they were well rid of him.Professor Mauro Ferrari resigned Tuesday as president of the European Research Council and insisted in a statement dramatically titled “Return to the frontlines, to the frontier” that he had “lost faith in the system” of the EU, complaining it was stifling his ambition for swift action on the pandemic.On Wednesday though, the 19-member scientific council of the ERC said they had unanimously called on Ferrari to resign last month. The Council added in a statement that he “displayed a complete lack of appreciation” and “did not understand the context of” the scientific group. The Council claimed Ferrari failed to sufficiently consult its scientists and too often sought to promote his own ideas instead of those of ERC.Ferrari had been named for the job in May last year but only started his term on Jan. 1. His resignation had immediate effect.The EU’s executive Commission, which runs the day-to-day business of the

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