During the first week she had covid-19, Morgan Blue felt weak, with a severe backache and a fever. The symptoms did not alarm doctors at her local emergency room, however. They sent her home after she showed up at the hospital.But on Day 8, she abruptly felt like she was choking.“That day, I suddenly couldn’t breathe,” said the 26-year-old customer service representative from Flint, Mich. An ambulance took her to the hospital, where she spent eight days, four of them in intensive care, before she recovered and was able to go home.For people who suffer the most severe reactions to the novel coronavirus — and their caregivers — the second week can become a time of sudden peril and heightened concern, when some of those who seem stable or on the mend can suddenly become critically ill.There is little consensus among doctors and experts about why the fifth through 10th days, or thereabouts, seem to be so dangerous for some people with covid-19, the disease caused by the virus. But critical care specialists and EMTs alike are aware of this frightening aspect of the disease.“This second-week crash has certainly been well described, but 2½ months in, why it happens we’re still

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