Democrats blocked a $2 trillion coronavirus rescue bill for the second day in a row Monday, as near-pandemonium erupted on the Senate floor with lawmakers venting fury about their failed efforts to address the pandemic’s impact on the U.S. economy.Ahead of the vote, Senators clashed angrily over delays that had bogged down the giant bill, reflecting uncertainty about whether Congress would be able to reach a deal in the coming hours or days. Some lawmakers had hoped to reach an agreement three days ago, but talks kept breaking down even as they negotiated throughout the weekend. Meanwhile the nation is reeling from the health consequences and economic pain inflicted by the virus, as hope of a swift response from Congress appeared to drain away.Democrats have argued that the Senate GOP bill is disproportionately tilted towards helping companies and needs to extend more benefits to families and health care providers. Republicans have countered that the bill — which would send checks to many individual Americans while creating giant loan programs for small businesses and industry — offers unprecedented financial assistance to the entire economy and needs to be passed before more people lose their jobs.The vote Monday was 49-46, well short

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