Whatever small bump in the polls President Trump received at the onset of the covid-19 calamity was minuscule in comparison with the surges of support for previous crisis presidents, and puny compared with the lift other world leaders were receiving for their efforts. And even by those standards, over the past couple of weeks, much has changed. The national death toll soared past 7,000. More than 10 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits in March. And Americans have seen the contrast between Trump and their far more competent governors.While American manufacturers are trying to help out, whatever materials they produce for health-care workers likely will be too little and too late. In light of all this, it’s no surprise that the Trump bump may well have dissipated.The latest ABC/Ipsos poll shows Americans understand this crisis is not going to be over soon. Rather, “just over nine in 10 Americans now say that the outbreak has disrupted their daily routine. … Among those saying this, 44% said they think they will be able to resume their regular routine by June 1, including 13% who said by May 1, while a combined 84% believe that will happen by the end of the

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