Texas announced Monday it is waiving standardized testing requirements for the 2019-2020 school year because of the coronavirus pandemic, following Washington state in what is likely to be widespread canceling of federally mandated exams.The ACT college admissions test scheduled for April 4 is being rescheduled for June 13, according to ACT Inc., which owns the exam. The College Board, which owns the SAT, announced it has canceled its exam scheduled for May 2 and would refund money for students who already registered.Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said in a statement Monday the requirements for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, or STARR, would be waived, and he called on the U.S. Education Department to waive federal testing requirements.The department said it would consider giving states waivers from federal testing mandates included in the Every Student Succeeds Act but has not issued a blanket waiver. The department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.“Your health and safety are top priorities, and the state of Texas will give school districts flexibility to protect and ensure the health of students, faculty, and their families,” Abbott said in a statement. “We will empower schools to make the best decisions to

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