White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham is leaving the job after eight months during which she held no regular press briefings of the sort that once defined the job.First lady Melania Trump announced Tuesday that Grisham would rejoin her staff as a full-time chief of staff and spokesperson, calling her “a mainstay and true leader in the Administration.”Grisham was not a fixture in the inner circle of advisers to President Trump, as her predecessor Sarah Sanders had been, although White House officials have praised her loyalty.The White House did not immediately name a successor for Grisham, who has also held the job of communications director.Grisham said in a statement that her replacements would be announced “in the coming days” and that she would remain in the West Wing “to help with a smooth transition for as long as needed.”Grisham has been mostly absent from Trump’s near-daily press briefings about the novel coronavirus pandemic, most held in the same James S. Brady Press Briefing Room where past press secretaries held their own daily question and answer sessions.Grisham entered voluntary quarantine after learning she had been exposed to two or more people who later tested positive for covid-19, the disease caused by

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