Viewers following Fox News’s stars for the latest in the coronavirus story may have felt a bit of whiplash over the past several days — again.For weeks, hosts scoffed at the looming coronavirus crisis, only to make an abrupt about-face last week when President Trump acknowledged the severity of the pandemic and declared a national emergency to fight it.But now, Fox’s pundits have changed their minds once more — and Trump is listening.Early this week, the cable network’s most prominent figures began urging the president to ditch the restrictions and get people back to work, even if doing so risks the public’s health.The commentary dovetails with, and may even have encouraged, Trump’s expressing a desire for businesses to start reopening after the federal government’s 15-day, stay-at-home period ends on Monday. Trump made his intentions clear Tuesday during a town-hall style interview on Fox, saying he wants to have the country “opened” by Easter — April 12. Public-health officials have opposed such an action, saying it could cause infection rates to soar, overwhelm hospitals and lead to a higher death toll. Officials, even within the Trump administration, have recommended that restrictions remain in place longer.The change of rhetoric on Fox began

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