Anyone who thought that former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) were ready to begin to make peace in their competition for the Democratic presidential nomination got a big surprise on Sunday night. Their debate quickly shifted from talk of pandemics to arguments over past records and future visions.For much of the two-hour debate, it seemed like business as usual, and yet both candidates and their campaigns know that everything is changing because of the spreading coronavirus. The backdrop to the 2020 election now is one of disruptions to the daily lives of tens of millions of Americans, economic shocks that continue to rattle financial markets and frighten investors and questions about the leadership offered by President Trump.The setting alone spoke to the extraordinary changes that the coronavirus is forcing on everyone. The debate was scheduled to be held in Phoenix before a live audience. Instead, Sanders and Biden met each other at the CNN studios in the District, with three moderators but no audience. It was a throwback to the first presidential debate of the modern era, when John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon met in the fall of 1960 at a CBS studio in Chicago

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