The Trump administration is moving aggressively on national security grounds against Chinese telecom firms, with key agencies this week recommending that a subsidiary of China’s largest landline provider have its U.S. license revoked.The advice to pull a license from China Telecom Americas was prompted by long-standing concerns that the firm, whose parent company is state-owned, poses unacceptable risks of Chinese espionage and disruption of U.S. networks, U.S. officials said.The action comes on the heels of advice by the same agencies to deny Google permission to run a high-speed Internet cable to Hong Kong. And it follows the Federal Communications Commission’s barring last year of state-owned China Mobile from operating in the United States, as well as the Commerce Department’s blacklisting of Huawei Technologies, discouraging U.S. companies from doing business with the telecom equipment-maker.These steps represent a ratcheting up of pressure on Beijing by an administration increasingly unwilling to abide any threat to the integrity of the nation’s telecommunications network and what it sees as a massive theft of America’s advanced technologies in a bid to dominate the world economy.“To have a telecommunications company that is ultimately subject to the direction or control of an adversary power isn’t a safe situation

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