President Trump now says he is a “wartime” president. This appeals to his delusions of military prowess, his fascination with power and his grandiose self-image. In this case, however, it is also true, as evidenced by the lethality of the coronavirus, the logistics required to combat it and the cooperation of the civilian population that we normally see only in wartime.New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) made this abundantly clear at his daily press conference on Monday. He said, “The frontline battle is in our health-care system. . . . The soldiers . . . are health-care professionals.” If Trump understood what this entails, his behavior would be quite different.Imagine this as a shooting war. It would be unthinkable for the commander in chief to tell battlefield commanders that they really do not need all the equipment that they plainly do; that we should not stockpile bullets because we do not need them all today; or that he suspects with no basis in fact that life-saving supplies are “going out the back door.” This would be outrageous and grounds for questioning the commander in chief’s sanity. Why is this war and this wartime president any different?Cuomo said, “There are

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