Before Fauci could answer, he was interrupted by President Trump, standing just to his right.“Can I have a chance to answer that question?” Trump said to Fauci, who acquiesced.Trump dismissed the question outright, despite the likelihood that Fauci would have said, as he has in the past, that he is withholding judgment until controlled trials are complete.“He’s answered that question 15 times,” Trump insisted. Fauci offered a slight smile, by now used to sharing a podium with the president.In recent weeks, Trump’s focus on advocating unproven medical treatments for the virus — and fervently defending that advocacy — has emerged as one of the most perplexing aspects of the White House’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Why is Trump so dedicated to promoting the use of hydroxychloroquine — and not just to authorize its use but to repeatedly, actively, vocally hype it? What’s the rationale behind the president identifying particular drugs which have not been proven to be effective and making them a central part of his messaging at a critical time?Speculation about Trump’s motivation usually quickly runs toward economics. Does the president have some stake in companies that produce the medicines? There’s no evidence that he does; he sold

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