President Trump on Wednesday defended his desire to transition away from the social-distancing efforts that have closed down much of the U.S. economy.“The more aggressively we commit to social distancing — so important, social distancing, such an important phrase — and we do it right now,” Trump said at the now-daily White House press briefing on the coronavirus pandemic, “the more lives we can save and the sooner we can eventually get people back to work, back to school and back to normal.”He looked up from his prepared remarks.“And there are large sections of our country that probably can go back much sooner than other sections,” he added, “and we are obviously looking at that also. People are asking, is that an alternative? And I say, absolutely, it is an alternative.”The idea that Trump has been moving toward all week is this: boost the economy by allowing states or regions with fewer confirmed cases of the coronavirus to resume normal or close-to-normal economic activity. Older Americans, he has said at other times, would still be distanced, given the increased mortality rate from covid-19, the disease the virus causes, among people over the age of 60. Everyone else, though? Maybe they

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