The coronavirus outbreak in the United States has forced a reckoning for political and medical pundits and their proclamations about the virus. This has especially been the case with Fox News and now Drew Pinsky (known as “Dr. Drew”), who echoed President Trump’s comments downplaying the virus for weeks, even as leading medical professionals were offering increasingly dire warnings. Pinsky apologized on Twitter over the weekend. Fox has shifted away from downplaying the virus and is now taking the lead in playing up the promise of unproven treatments for it.But the criticism of Trump, Fox and Pinsky itself is now being criticized. Conservative media and Trump supporters are increasingly pointing to allegedly dodgy predictions and comparisons made by other medical professionals and media outlets, in an attempt to argue that their allies are being singled out.The comparisons, though, often ignore both the timeline and plenty of nuance.Journalist Sharyl Attkisson, a former CBS News reporter and frequent critic of the mainstream media, published a lengthy piece Sunday responding to a viral video from the “Daily Show,” which highlighted some of these wayward pronouncements by Fox, Trump and Trump allies. Attkisson offers each of the quotes from the video and then, under

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