Overseas, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the most prominent world leader infected by the virus so far, was moved into intensive care on Monday as his symptoms worsened. It was a striking escalation of the pandemic’s influence on highly visible world leaders: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau self-isolated recently after his wife tested positive, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also self-isolating, even as he negotiates to form a new government.Yet there were some new reasons for hope in a few of the worst-hit parts of the United States and Europe. That was enough to spur the U.S. stock markets, which have careened wildly during the crisis, to soar more than 7 percent Monday, with the Dow Jones industrial average closing up 1,597 points.In both Italy and Spain, the number of new coronavirus cases fell to their lowest levels in weeks. In New York state, Monday’s death toll was about the same as Sunday’s, and Democratic Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said that might be a sign that social distancing measures had slowed the virus’s spread.On the political front, Trump and former vice president Joe Biden, who leads in the race to become the Democratic presidential nominee, spoke Monday afternoon

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