UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations envoys in Middle East hot spots urged all warring parties on Saturday to translate Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ appeal for immediate cease-fires to tackle the coronavirus pandemic into concrete actions aimed at ending hostilities.The envoys for Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict stressed that solidarity is required to face the challenge of COVID-19 and this cannot happen “if the guns of war and conflict are not silenced.”They said “many parties have responded positively” to the secretary-general’s March 23 appeal but stressed the need for stepped up action, stressing that COVID-19 has compounded the suffering of people caught up in Mideast conflicts.“At a time like this, partisanship and narrow interests must yield to the greater cause and the good of the people,” their appeal said. “That is why we echo the secretary-general in calling on all parties in the Middle East to work with the U.N. so we can “focus on the true fight of our lives” which is COVID-19.The U.N. envoys called on all parties to conflicts to engage without preconditions in negotiations to immediately halt hostilities, to sustain existing cease-fires, and to achieve “longer-term resolutions to the persistent conflicts across the region.”They

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