“We cannot and will not lift restrictions the way you turn on a light switch,” Northam (D) said. “We will do it responsibly and deliberately, and it has to be grounded in data.”Hogan (R) announced a three-tiered plan to reopen society but said it would begin only when data shows the virus’s spread is under control and the health system is prepared for any future spike in infections — thresholds the state so far has no concrete timeline for reaching.“Unfortunately, life will not be able to just go back to normal,” Hogan said, adding that the soonest he could ease restrictions is early May.In the District, where Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) has launched an advisory group to help plan for gradually lifting restrictions, officials warned of looming budget cuts because of the economic damage triggered by the shutdown.Revenue could plunge by $720 million in the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30, and by $800 million next year, authorities said.Northam said Virginia will follow federal guidelines for deciding when to ease restrictions: The percentage of positive coronavirus tests and number of hospitalizations must decline for 14 consecutive days, and the state must have ample hospital capacity and an “increasing and sustainable

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