PRESIDENT TRUMP’S recent claim to be taking hydroxychloroquine as a precaution against covid-19 prompted skepticism. Would any doctor really prescribe an unproven and potentially dangerous drug to the holder of the world’s most powerful office? A statement from Mr. Trump’s doctor added to the doubt, because it never explicitly said he had prescribed the drug. The incident, sad to say, is typical of the troubling way the White House has handled issues related to the president’s health.Mr. Trump’s last annual physical for which information was released to the public was conducted in February 2019. Ten months later, Mr. Trump made a trip that had not appeared on his schedule to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda. The White House issued a statement saying Mr. Trump was merely “taking advantage of a free weekend here in Washington” to begin his annual physical. CNN reported that the hospital’s staff had not been notified of the president’s visit in advance. There were obvious questions, such as who gets an annual exam in multiple stages? Since that mysterious visit in November, the questions haven’t been answered and, as far as is known, Mr. Trump has yet to complete the yearly examination.Asked in

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