In fact, Fox host Laura Ingraham and two doctors who are regular on-air guests in what she dubs her “medicine cabinet” visited the White House last Friday for a private meeting with Trump to talk up the drug, according to two White House officials and another person familiar with the meeting.Never mind that hydroxychloroquine is an unproven treatment for covid-19 and is still in the testing stages, or that it has dangerous side effects for some, or that medical professionals are divided on its capability. The infectious-disease expert on Trump’s coronavirus task force, Anthony S. Fauci, has privately pleaded with the president to be more cautious.But Trump — who famously has said he trusts his gut more than anything an expert could counsel him — is again letting his impulses guide what he tells a locked-down nation eager to return to normal.In the past several days, he has been advocating that people infected with the novel coronavirus consider taking hydroxychloroquine in consultation with their doctors. He remarked Sunday that “a lot of people are saying” patients should take the drug and called it “a very special thing.”As the president has said repeatedly, “What do you have to lose?”Trump’s swift embrace

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