GENEVA — Countries may gain time in the short-term as they limit travel to fight the new coronavirus pandemic, but the World Health Organization thinks overall that “it doesn’t help to restrict movement,” a top adviser to the U.N. health agency’s chief said Thursday.Dr. Bruce Aylward, who led a WHO team in China during the raging COVID-19 outbreak there last month, said in an interview that travel bans “generally aren’t part of the armamentarium you bring to bear on something like this.”“What we found, as a general principle – not a general principle, a pretty robust principle – is that it doesn’t help to to restrict movement,” Aylward, a former WHO emergencies chief, said outside a room at agency headquarters devoted to the outbreak. “What you’re really interested in is: Where is the virus? The viruses in the cases, the viruses in their close contacts.”Aylward spoke a day after WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the worldwide spread of the virus now qualified as a pandemic and President Donald Trump announced temporary entry bans on travelers from most of Europe. Other countries also stepped up cross-border restrictions.He acknowledged that “people are confused” about the virus. He advised frequent hand-washing and

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