Hundreds of voters stood in lines that stretched for blocks in Milwaukee early Tuesday morning to cast their ballots amid warnings about the spread of the coronavirus, a chaotic start to Wisconsin elections that went forward only after a last-minute legal battle.Morning scenes at the polls across the city — which was able to open only five polling locations, down from 180 — underscored the near-unprecedented challenge facing election administrators one day after Democratic Gov. Tony Evers sought to suspend in-person voting in light of the covid-19 pandemic, an order that was quickly reversed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a final blow Monday to changes that would have enabled a safe and orderly election, overruling a federal district court decision allowing extension of the deadline for voters to return absentee ballots.The court insisted delay of the election was not at issue, although the governor had sought to do precisely that. The majority wrote: “Wisconsin has decided to proceed with the elections scheduled for Tuesday, April 7. The wisdom of that decision is not the question before the Court. The question before the Court is a narrow, technical question about the absentee ballot process.” Bizarrely, the majority

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