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Coronavirus Consequences Seem More Severe for Older People

March 4th, 2020

We found this article in the “Goats and Soda” section of (NPR being, of course, National Public Radio): “Coronavirus Has More Severe Consequences For Older Patients.“ The article opens with a summary of US deaths to date (As of March 4, 2020). Specifically: Anyone can catch COVID-19, the disease caused by the newly identified coronavirus. But certain populations appear to be more vulnerable to its effects. Consider the 11 deaths so far in the United States — one in California and the rest in Washington state. The person who died in Placer County, Calif., was described... Read More

March 1: Per UK’s DAILY MAIL ONLINE American Coronavirus Cases Rise as Six Are Newly Diagnosed in Texas

February 29th, 2020

If you’re looking for an article full of photos and human interest, we refer you to this March 1, 2020 article from the UK’s Daily Mail Online, found at DAILYMAIL.CO.UK. The in-depth article, which includes a map of current infected areas in the US and dozens of photos, including many of the people returning from the infected Diamond Princess cruise ship, is a composite of information reported by NATALIE RAHHAL ACTING US HEALTH EDITOR, MARY KEKATOS SENIOR HEALTH REPORTER,  EMILY CRANE and EMILY GOODIN, SENIOR U.S. POLITICAL REPORTER IN NEW DELHI FOR DAILYMAIL.COM  Here are key... Read More